Dial A Dilemma: Winter Lip Rescue

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Like all pretty paintings, your lips need to be a smooth bare canvas before any color application.  However, maintaining a perfectly hydrated, smooth pout during the winter season is sometimes complicated. Harsh temperatures, strong winds and snowy showers can do a number on the condition of your lips, but fear not, there are simple solutions to get the pop back in your pucker and make them picture perfect. Familiar items like petroleum jelly and other interesting mixes can transform you lips from cracked and dry to hydrated and full.

How do I keep my lips hydrated and fuller during the winter? 

Sugar and Spice

Classic lip softening tactics involve a trusty dry fighting product: petroleum jelly.  Start with lathering bare lips in jelly and take either a towel or toothbrush and work onto lips in a small circular motion.  When done gently wipe away.  Both items are perfect for this task as they are tough enough to get the job done but gentle enough to not hurt the surface. 
Another sweet trick to combating chapped lips is sugar.  Functioning as a scrub, sugar fights seasonal dryness and pairing it with petroleum jelly helps gently pull way dry bits of skin without irritating the lip itself.  Start with coating a finger tip in petroleum jelly and dip into some sugar, once coated pull to lips and gently scrub. If you want to avoid a slight mess, just apply jelly to lips, take a cube of sugar and work on lips in gentle circular motion, then wipe away with a towel. Another plus to using sugar, it leaves a yummy taste after use. J

Now that you have a perfectly prepped base, it’s time to boost that pout.  Of course there are countless lip plumping products on the market, but you can concoct a little mix right at home (recipe on bottom). Including skin nourishing oils, the main star in this product is a little spice (cayenne).  While there is a multitude of health benefits to this pepper, like boosting your metabolism and lowering blood pressure, cayenne pepper adds a little pumping property to this lip mix.
With a simple prep and little plump, your lips are ready to be coated in a hue of your choice.  If these alternatives are not your thing, there are a few products that get the job done sans any effort.  I’ve always been drawn to Fresh lip products, as they get the job done and come in array of alluring colors. 

Lip Scrub --  Fresh Sugar lip polish (fresh.com, $22.50)
Lip treatment (with SPF 15) – Sugar Rose (fresh.com, $22.50)
Lip Gloss – Sugar kiss (fresh.com, $18)
Best lip plumper -- Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm SPF 10 (Bloomingdales.com, $26.50)

Natural Lip Plumper
Vitamin B3, B3
Cinnamon leaf oil
Clove oil and honey to Coconut oil

One completely mixed – apply a thin layer to lips and let the tingle plump your lips J

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