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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I never thought that I would ever start a blog, let alone a beauty-focused blog.
I'm doing all of this upon request by one of my dear friends, MELLIE CHAN!

In excitement, Ms. Chan gave me a laundry list of questions and beauty dilemmas all to be solved on this darling new page.  As I'm sure she will be my only  loyal reader, Enjoy the fun facts Mell and keep your questions coming (I'm always here to help/offer advice)

JUST SO YOU KNOW: I am by no means a formally trained makeup artist or beauty writer.  This site will offer my opinions and thoughts on products and fun information I have learned over the years by testing products, experimenting with new trends and self educating myself on the exciting and ever-changing world that is beauty.  With that said, this blog will also include loads of comments and thoughts on varies other things I adore (fashion, heart health, jewelry, etc).  Well have fun Mell and others that pay to visit, and remember if you have any style/beauty question or dilemma you need resolved, leave it in the comments area :)

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